Many apologies for the light posting.  The beginning of the medical school year always seems to kick work demands up a notch.  I have something wonderful, insightful, and enthralling coming up as soon as I figure out what it is.  Until then, here is the collection of all the enthralling stuff I wish I could write.  Enjoy!

Regarding the Mind-

At Frontal Cortex, Jonah Lehrer observes why putting down our writing for a while before correcting it makes us catch more mistakes, from a neuroscientist perspective.

A New study in The experimental Journal of Psychology is examined at the Situationist, looking at the uncomfortable effect a turban unconciously has on our judgement here in the western world.

The BPS Research Digest Blog takes a surprising look at psychopaths.  It turns out many of them are not criminals and are not violent, leaving the question of exactly what it is that makes a psychopath act out.

Regarding the Soul-

At Rational Mormonism, RWW has an excellent post analyzing what it really means to have humility.  A very fine distinction can make all the difference in the world for a healthy mindset that enables us to grow spiritually.

At Thinking in a Marrow Bone, Dennis gives an outstanding explanation of how the silly surface deep questions asked in a recent religion poll completely and totally distorts key Mormon religious concepts as he explains how Mormonism both exclusivist and largely universalist at the same time, one of more fascinating aspects of our theology, IMHO.

Speaking of Truth Claims, Bruce Nielsen at Mormon Matters has a very thoughtful post taking a close look at how believing in more than one spiritual path to truth may not completely add up.  It seems we all believe there is a superior truth set out there, even if it is simply the belief that unique truth claims are wrong.

Regarding the Body-

At Neuroscientifically challenged, Marc Bingham gives a very nice illustration of hot peppers, the neurophysiology of the pain they cause, and a nifty way to curb Ritalin abuse.

The Scientific American has a very nice article on the neural response and specialization involved in the thoroughly human experience of dancing.

Have you been looking for a dietary supplement with some actual evidence behind its health claims?  GNIF Brainblogger has an excellent post by Jennifer Gibson about Omega-3 Fatty acids, found in fish oil, the are an integral part of the neuron membrane with low levels being associated with a wide variety of mental health issues.

Or All the Above-

I stumbled upon a magnificent website by the name of Lifeline Gallery, which is based upon the premise that while tragic death and suicide are all over the media, we never get to hear the stories of the survivors and those who would offer hope.  This one goes straight to the sidebar.

Doc Gurley blows the whistle on the California State legislature, now considering a bill requiring doctors to “be up front” with patients about prognosis in a disturbing effort to cut costs on end-of-life care, followed by some sage wisdom about the complexities borne bearing bad news to patients.

At Other Things Amanzi, Bongi show us he is not only a great surgeon, but has a wondrous and great heart, as he describes the one tattered, and mistreated patient that broke through his emotional defences and had him contemplating life changing decisions during an all too short life.

and Just because I Liked it-

At By Common Consent, A guest poster exhibits a rapier sharp wit, lampooning a Deseret News article about what it’s like to be the home teacher of an Apostle.   (For the uninitiated, a home teachers are lay members in Mormon Congregations assigned to visit families at least once a month to ensure their spiritual and general well being,)

At the Health Business blog, David Williams has a spine tingling post about the eerie way Google search pattern data and directed advertising may inform you of impeding doom before you even know it is coming.  It truly is a Brave new world, Aldous.

At Harvard Magazine, an article reports that one of the most famous and breath taking images ever taken by the Hubble Telescope, the “Pillars of Creation” were actually destroyed by a Supernova 6,000 years ago, bringinlight, perception, universe, history, g home the message that everything we see in the Universe is, quite literally, ancient history.

That’s it for now, see you around.  Remember to take care of our mind, soul, and body and have a great life.