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More and more lately, I hear from those who would reduce man to a machine. Certain outspoken scientists proclaim life as random, the result of chemical interactions and natural processes, and free will as an illusion. As I have stated before many neuroscientists are seeking to unlock the mystery of the brain and explain away consciousness. Others are convinced that we have evolved logic and can now leave primitive emotion behind. Occasionally this logic is overpowered by the primitive structures labeled by Arthur Koestler as the Ghost in the machine, a derogative term for mind-body dualism. Apparently, the Vulcan race is what these fellows aspire too. We could solve all the problems of the world if we could just be strictly logical, and lose emotion. It seems simple enough doesn’t it? Read the rest of this entry »

Medicine has always seemed to me like the place a critical place for a happy marriage between Religion and Science. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way. We physicians are caught in the middle of a cultural tug’o’war. Generally we like, even love biology, and therefore become very schooled in Evolution and its atheist (think Dawkins) arm.

On the other hand we generally go into the profession because we have a genuine desire to help others in a deep and meaningful way. Medical school applicants are genuinely nice people. The express sentimentality and altruism to the point there becomes a sad, cynical backlash against such an expression in Medical School Application essays. People can only read so many people express a desire to save mankind before they tune out.

This sets up a situation where Doctors are subtly Read the rest of this entry »

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