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Straight from paradise in the South Pacific, Grand Rounds is up at Mariana’s Eye.  Each featured post comes with its own tabloid headline, as or more entertaining than the posts themselves.    Judging by my headline, serious feelings, it seems my penchant for Uber-seriousness killed the fun again.  I’m starting to think maybe I need to lighten up.  Fortunately, there is plenty else to make you angry, smile, laugh, cry or (insert emotion here).  Check it out.

The 46th edition of Encephalon is up at the Neurocritic, replete all the neuroscience news and brain buzz you can handle on a biweekly basis. 

Also, check out this weeks Grand Rounds at Parallel Universes, for the best of the medical blog world.  I am honored to be among five time host’s five favorites this week.


     Way back at the birth of this blog (last January), DMI Dave suggested that there weren’t many LDS or Non-LDS doctors blogging on-line.  Today I am happy to announce that this is not in fact true.  Mormon Docs maybe, I try to link them in the sidebar, but many and varied are the Non-LDS doctor and medical population. (I think the problem may be that doctors and lawyers  just don’t mix well, professional hazard. 😉 )  Every week, a collection of the best of the medical blogs is assembled at rotating sights under the name Grand Rounds.  This week it can be found at Canadian Medicine.  Check it out for some some entertaining and informative posts (including yours truly!).

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