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Mental Health blogs come in two different varieties, both of which appeal to me personally, as someone who lives with Major Depression, I do relate to those who are suffering through the same or similar issues.  My sidebar tends to focus on social phobia, anxiety and depression for this reason.  The internet can be a wonderful support group.  The professionals, on the other hand, are great just for their wisdom and productive advice.  They are of necessity more general, as blogs could never, ever substitute for working face to face, but they give me insight into the mind and discuss research, evidence and controversy..  In the end, I follow both.  Here are a few of the ones that really spoke to me and offer sage advice besides. Read the rest of this entry »

The LDS community has a rather robust and diverse blogging community that has really mushroomed the past couple of years.  I was first introduced to blogs in this venue and it remains the one that is by far the most familiar to me.  This introductions will therefore likely be much longer than it needed.  The community is just too broad and numerous.  Once upon a time there was a small group of eclectic blogs, specializing in Mormon history and culture, and consisting of an inordinate amount of Mormon lawyers.  I discovered this self dubbed Bloggernacle, short for the bloggernacle choir, a few years ago.  They have grouped themselves together at Mormon Archipelago, but like to think of the term as applicable to all bloggers covering Mormonism.  As the number of people blogging on Mormon subjects has exploded, there has tended to be more and more diversity of focus.  I feature on my sidebar a series of Mormon Blog Aggregators, each with their own personality.  Read the rest of this entry »

    I am continuing my review of the best blogs mind, body, and soul at least from my perspective.  Doctor blogs have been the subject of controversy with the AMA lately.  There are privacy concerns and concerns about the professionalism of ranting about colleagues or patients in such a public forum.  While these concerns may be valid, this isn’t what I generally see in the blogs, at least not the ones I end up following anyway.  Many, many blogs focus on healthcare and its shortcomings and problems with the system.  These have their place, but for me the very best blogs share the highs and the lows of medicine.  I think the blog format is ideal for sharing the unique experience and point of view that we physicians have.  I think the best blogs humanize the doctor, the patients and in so doing feed the soul.  Here are a few of my favorites- Read the rest of this entry »

Grand Rounds meets South Park at Pure Pedantry, while the Mouse Trap has put together an Encephalon that is sheer poetry.  Both saw fit to include a post by yours truly, Encephalon, with my post on Asperger syndrome, and Grand Rounds with my post on Vulnerable Child syndrome.  But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Head on over to enjoy the best of the blogs for all things Brain, and all things healthcare, medicine, and body.

Fans of the brain should enjoy the 44th edition of Encephalon, published this week at Cognitive daily, where they take a tongue-in-cheek look at determinism, which has been in the neuro news lately. Go see it if you have so been preconditioned, not that there is a decision to be made, wink, wink.

Fans of the soul will be happy to learn the 31st edition BrainBlogging carnival went up last weekend at Brainblogger, investigating the more human and multidimensional side of the mind.

Fans of the body will be excited to learn that the latest edition of Grand Rounds is up at DocGurley, with all kinds of great medicine posts and a WWF smackdown theme.

In the interest of blatant self promotion, I will announce that one of these carnivals features an article by yours truly this time round. In the interest of humility, I’ll not divulge which one it is, happy hunting.

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