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  Grand Rounds is up at the Covert Rationing blog  with a tremendous collection of posts, replete with a lesson in American history following a 4th of July theme.  Check out the best of the Medical blog world this side of Change of Shift  (the nurse’s turn, which came up last week at our friend Braden’s 20 out of 10).  By the way, Anyone reading in Wyoming really needs to stop by Braden’s site.  He’s getting desparate to finish some bizarre ??fifty-seven?? state scavenger hunt.

Straight from paradise in the South Pacific, Grand Rounds is up at Mariana’s Eye.  Each featured post comes with its own tabloid headline, as or more entertaining than the posts themselves.    Judging by my headline, serious feelings, it seems my penchant for Uber-seriousness killed the fun again.  I’m starting to think maybe I need to lighten up.  Fortunately, there is plenty else to make you angry, smile, laugh, cry or (insert emotion here).  Check it out.

Welcome, welcome to another edition of the very best stuff to come to my attention online this week. There is something for everyone here, whether you want to laugh, cry, learn, or ponder life’s mysteries, have a seat and dig in. Read the rest of this entry »

The Latest Grand Rounds is up at Musings of a Dinosaur, complete with a Genesis theme in which the Dinosaur looked upon what had been wrought and said, “It is Good.”  I am pleased to be included and heartily concur.

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