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This weeks’ Grand Rounds is up at a chronic dose, featuring what the contributors, myself included, thought was their best post of the year, making for some very high quality stuff.  So which post did I submit–you will just have to go there and see if I made a terrible mistake, or not.  Check it out for the best medical blogging on the web. 

    In other blatant self promoting news, At Wellsphere, voting is ongoing for the people’s health blogger awards, and thanks to me, I am in the running.  To vote, just click on the very prominent badge on my sidebar, or follow the above link.   I would greatly appreciate the support and vote of those three people who read regularly and anyone else who may feel so inclined.


      I am also very excited to announce that Mind, Soul, and Body has been nominated for Best new medical Weblog established 2008 at the Medical Blog awards at Medgadget.  My humble thanks to Disillusioned for picking up on my hint.  I had feared in my own irrational way that no one would take me up on it.  I will announce when it is time for the actual voting, and if I made the cut.  I really do appreciate any support.

Straight from paradise in the South Pacific, Grand Rounds is up at Mariana’s Eye.  Each featured post comes with its own tabloid headline, as or more entertaining than the posts themselves.    Judging by my headline, serious feelings, it seems my penchant for Uber-seriousness killed the fun again.  I’m starting to think maybe I need to lighten up.  Fortunately, there is plenty else to make you angry, smile, laugh, cry or (insert emotion here).  Check it out.

The latest edition of Grand Rounds, where the medical blogosphere gathers is greatest posts, is up at NHS Doctor Blog.  For those of more the Neuroscience bent, Encephalon, #47 is up at Channel N, with an excellent video theme.  Many thanks for including my submission in spite of my old school printed word.

The Latest Grand Rounds is up at Musings of a Dinosaur, complete with a Genesis theme in which the Dinosaur looked upon what had been wrought and said, “It is Good.”  I am pleased to be included and heartily concur.

   For All folks who care to know the week in medicine and healthcare blogging, The very long April 1st edition of Grand Rounds is out starting at GruntDoc and taking one wild, winding, twisting, turning ride through several blogs, strangeness, mutants, and valley girls until it reaches Emergiblog, capped off by the 11th hour submission by yours truly, many thanks for slipping me in, courageously killing the theme and the fun to let others learn about a touching and all too serious subject. 

    In Brain and neuroscience news, afficiandos will be excited to learn that Paris Hilton is hosting Encephalon at Of Two Minds and its totally “Hot.”   There is also some prurient airing of ScienceBlogs dirty laundry as Adventures in Ethics and Science angrily calls it quits.  I am still wondering if there is a little repressed venting going on, April first aside.  I guess we will have to hold our breath to see if she is still there tomorrow.

     Around the LDS bloggernacle, By Common Consent has a very special guest post appearance by Lars glenson, (or is it Glen Larsen, or perhaps the dearly missed Languatron) for all the mad Battlestar Galactica ranting you could ever need or want for your April 1st perusing pleasure, and  the Snarkernacle has announced open nomination for categories in the Giblets in parody of the ongoing Niblet award voting

Also I hereby declare today MSB day in honor the best medicine, neuroscience, lds, mormon, spirituality, disability advocacy blog in the universe.  Please celebrate by stroking my ego ad nauseum in the comments.  Its a highly specialized market, but those who really, really need to find their mormon brain, medicine, spiritual, disability, philosophy fix, where else you gonna go.  Your long and tireless search is over. 

All Fool’s Day indeed, enjoy.   

The every other week Brain blogging carnival is up.  Check it out for a great collection of posts “related to the brain and mind that go beyond the basic sciences into a more human and multidimensional perspective.”  Right up my alley.  Many thanks for including a couple of my posts.

Also, medicine aficionado’s may check out this week’s edition of Grand Rounds at Polite Dissent, a rather novel medical comic book blog.

     Way back at the birth of this blog (last January), DMI Dave suggested that there weren’t many LDS or Non-LDS doctors blogging on-line.  Today I am happy to announce that this is not in fact true.  Mormon Docs maybe, I try to link them in the sidebar, but many and varied are the Non-LDS doctor and medical population. (I think the problem may be that doctors and lawyers  just don’t mix well, professional hazard. 😉 )  Every week, a collection of the best of the medical blogs is assembled at rotating sights under the name Grand Rounds.  This week it can be found at Canadian Medicine.  Check it out for some some entertaining and informative posts (including yours truly!).

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