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Yanub, at Yet Another Never Updated Blog has honored my site with its first ever pass along blogger award.  These are awards given to blogs you think do an outstanding job, who are then instructed to give the award to several other blogs.  Read the rest of this entry »

Grand Rounds is out with a Science Fiction flare at the In Sickness and Health blog.  The nursing perspective is also out with Change of Shift up at Crzegrl: flight nurse.  Remember,

      Doctors save lives, Nurses save doctors and lives.

                                                            –Happy Hospitalist

Also, the voting for the first annual People’s Health Blogger awards has been extended through the end of the month for those who were discouraged by the long waits.  Click on the upper left hand button to give me a boost and join my untold legions of fans. 

That is all.  Enjoy.


    The finalists have been announced by Medgadget for the 2008 Medical Blog Awards.  I am afraid the competition for best new blog was extremely stiff and I did not make the cut.  Neither did a couple of my favorites, Mothers in Medicine or Rural Doctoring, that I thought could easily have won the whole thing, so I guess I’m in good company.  

      This means that the blogs that remain are extraordinary, including some of my own favorites, like Notes of an Anesthesioboist, Reflections in a Head Mirror, Other Things Amanzi, Brass and Ivory and Soulful Sepulchre.  Voting opens Jan 6th and continues through the 17th so head over there and let your voice be heard.


 I may be down in the awards gig, but I’m not yet out.  I have rallied for a surprising top 20 appearance in the People’s Healthblogger Awards at Wellsphere.  Voting remains open through the 15th, so anyone kind enough to offer their support should head right over and give me a shout out as well.

This weeks’ Grand Rounds is up at a chronic dose, featuring what the contributors, myself included, thought was their best post of the year, making for some very high quality stuff.  So which post did I submit–you will just have to go there and see if I made a terrible mistake, or not.  Check it out for the best medical blogging on the web. 

    In other blatant self promoting news, At Wellsphere, voting is ongoing for the people’s health blogger awards, and thanks to me, I am in the running.  To vote, just click on the very prominent badge on my sidebar, or follow the above link.   I would greatly appreciate the support and vote of those three people who read regularly and anyone else who may feel so inclined.


      I am also very excited to announce that Mind, Soul, and Body has been nominated for Best new medical Weblog established 2008 at the Medical Blog awards at Medgadget.  My humble thanks to Disillusioned for picking up on my hint.  I had feared in my own irrational way that no one would take me up on it.  I will announce when it is time for the actual voting, and if I made the cut.  I really do appreciate any support.

Epocrates is sponsoring the 2008 medical weblog awards at Medgadget, and they are currently taking nominations.
As you should already know, the medical blogosphere is stuffed full of great blogs, but if a certain neuroscience, medicine, doctor, spirituality, Mormonism, philosophy, psychology, brain, neurology blog happens to be your thing, too bad. That’s not a category.

–However, best new blog might be a possibility. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, know what I mean, know what I  mean.)

   In any case, head on over here to nominate your favorites.  The more voices the better.

   For All folks who care to know the week in medicine and healthcare blogging, The very long April 1st edition of Grand Rounds is out starting at GruntDoc and taking one wild, winding, twisting, turning ride through several blogs, strangeness, mutants, and valley girls until it reaches Emergiblog, capped off by the 11th hour submission by yours truly, many thanks for slipping me in, courageously killing the theme and the fun to let others learn about a touching and all too serious subject. 

    In Brain and neuroscience news, afficiandos will be excited to learn that Paris Hilton is hosting Encephalon at Of Two Minds and its totally “Hot.”   There is also some prurient airing of ScienceBlogs dirty laundry as Adventures in Ethics and Science angrily calls it quits.  I am still wondering if there is a little repressed venting going on, April first aside.  I guess we will have to hold our breath to see if she is still there tomorrow.

     Around the LDS bloggernacle, By Common Consent has a very special guest post appearance by Lars glenson, (or is it Glen Larsen, or perhaps the dearly missed Languatron) for all the mad Battlestar Galactica ranting you could ever need or want for your April 1st perusing pleasure, and  the Snarkernacle has announced open nomination for categories in the Giblets in parody of the ongoing Niblet award voting

Also I hereby declare today MSB day in honor the best medicine, neuroscience, lds, mormon, spirituality, disability advocacy blog in the universe.  Please celebrate by stroking my ego ad nauseum in the comments.  Its a highly specialized market, but those who really, really need to find their mormon brain, medicine, spiritual, disability, philosophy fix, where else you gonna go.  Your long and tireless search is over. 

All Fool’s Day indeed, enjoy.   

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