Mental Health blogs come in two different varieties, both of which appeal to me personally, as someone who lives with Major Depression, I do relate to those who are suffering through the same or similar issues.  My sidebar tends to focus on social phobia, anxiety and depression for this reason.  The internet can be a wonderful support group.  The professionals, on the other hand, are great just for their wisdom and productive advice.  They are of necessity more general, as blogs could never, ever substitute for working face to face, but they give me insight into the mind and discuss research, evidence and controversy..  In the end, I follow both.  Here are a few of the ones that really spoke to me and offer sage advice besides.

1) Storied Mind– This blog is from the written from the Patient Perspective.  John seeks to aid in the recovery from depression through writing, which he does beautifully.  His writing is lush with imagery and powerful in its poignancy.  He also seeks to build community online for those who suffer, a worthy goal for any site that tackles the monster that is Major Depression.

2) Catatonic Kid– Written by an Australian Female who lives with PTSD and Depression, she writes and ponders the experience poetically and beautifully.  She states that she is determined not to suffer from her conditions, but to live life fully, a worthy goal for us all.  She states she is determined to be:

– more than the sum of my parts

– more than what’s ‘wrong’ with me

– more than a token participant in the game we call life.

And she is succeeding with a vengeance.

3) Change Therapy– Written by Isabella Mori, a psychotherapist in Vancouver, Canada, this blog has a focus on Living live with direction, joy, and clarity. She is particularly good at focusing on the role spirituality plays in healing, which is what really sets her site apart.  She  describes herself as a sort of Christian Buddhist and runs blog carnivals on Buddhism and eating disorders..

4) Depressed (But Not Unhappy) Mormon Mommy– Laura lives with post partum depression and is determined to bust up the stereotypes associated with depression.  She believes in the healing we can experience through sharing our stories, a goal I believe in enough that you will even find my story on the site, in abbreviated form from the part chronicle I posted here.  I encourage anyone who has experienced depression to go ahead and send your story.  It’s good for all of us.

5) World of Psychology–  This is the blog of the oldest and largest social network for mental health run by actual mental health professionals.  They tackle the controversies.  They discuss evidence of what works and what does not and they advocate for the patients as human beings and people.  This is a wonderful, comprehensive educational site.