It’s BAACK. It took all of a day longer to fill, but I hope you find it worth the wait. Without further delay, here is the very best of the internet to have crossed my eyes in the past 8 days.

Regarding the Mind-

Apollo, MD takes a look at the string of psychological pathological personality types known as the personality disorders and a brilliant and entertaining way to remember and understand them, by appealing to the wonderful world of Harry Potter.

At the New York Times comes an article that reports that growing older really is growing wiser, and that the increase in forgetfulness and distractibility we see in the elderly are actually a result of processing more information and taking it all in.

At Cognitive Daily, Dave Munger speculates that the gap in Math achievement between upper and lower class may be due to exposure to counting board games. Chutes and Ladders, anyone?

Regarding the Soul-

At GetReligion, tmatt takes the New York Times to task for their insinuation that Fathers spending quality time with their daughters, in order to reinforce the value of chastity before marriage is creepy. Amen, Brother! It is a sad, sad day when we excoriate parents for wanting to pass on their values to their children.

At Mormon Matters, Andrew Ainsworth ponders the pluses and minuses of certainty, or lack thereof, in our ability to discern spiritual truths, setting off vigorous debate after writing some excellent thoughts.

Again at Mormon Matters, Adam F. asks what “all we can do” means, quoting a much debated, and I think, misunderstood Book of Mormon verse. He turns to the movie Shindler’s List for some very pertinent insight. I must agree with his conclusion, in the end all any of us can do is give God our heart.

Regarding the Body-

Jonah at Frontal Cortex has posted an awesome demonstration video about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It gives a good idea what all the hoopla is about in a demonstration that is supercool and just a little unsettling, as TMS is used to model stroke and temporarily turn parts of the brain off.

At Medgadget, Michael reports that with the help of some centrifuges and a few astronaut volunteers the mystery of space sickness has now been solved. The dizziness, nausea vomiting all happen because uneven distribution of a few specks of sand in your ears.

There is just something about morbid and bizarre head injuries that draws out people’s fascination. This week Mo at Neurophilosophy posted a string of bizarre stories complete with X-rays in hopes of bringing in links and I’m happy to oblige.

Or All the Above-

The New York times has an outstanding article examining medical mistakes and the story of how a courageous few doctors are ignoring the advice of hospital lawyers and Frankly admitting their medical mistakes with a heartfelt “I’m Sorry.”

At Brass and Ivory, Lisa Emrich shares a fascinating report on music and the ability to decrease pain in the ICU, improve performance in surgeons, and cause a mysterious spike in human growth hormone, and just plain makes you feel better.

Merely Me has a powerful, poignant post describing life with a chronic illness (multiple sclerosis), and the marginalization that accompanies disability in a tearjerking post about a broken red umbrella.

and just because I Liked it-

Discovering Dad explores the many ways in which Fatherhood is approached in our society, with their list of the 20 kinds of Dads. Which are you (if applicable), your dad, or your spouse?

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that appears that everything the media has ever said about the much hyped gnostic document, The Gospel of Judas, is completely wrong. A scathing review of what can happen to history when commercial forces are at work.

My Internet Discovery of the Week is Mormon Potluck, a wonderful little podcast I discovered this past week when they quoted me as part of a podcast in their wiki. Since that time I have listened to several episodes and I’m hooked beyond the blatant self promotion Angle. The self described “potluck dudes” discuss various aspects of Mormon life, culture, and doctrine in a humorous, offbeat, yet thoughtful atmosphere. Pure Tuna Casserole for the Ears. Don’t miss the Sasquatch News. Enjoy!

That’s It for now, tune in next time for more of whatever treasures may turn up.