Another week come and gone and the Internet has been full of good stuff as always. I may be going overboard with the two videos, apologies if it should slow page loading, but the wait is worth it. So without further adieu I present the best I’ve seen, especially for you, the reader.

Regarding the Mind-

You may have heard of Phantom limb syndrome, where amputees report feeling limbs long since gone, but Mind Hacks reports on the even stranger and more mysterious phenomenon of Supernumerary Phantom Limbs, where people report the presence of an missing extra limb that never was.

For those who doubt the power of the mind-body connection, CBS reports hypnotist Alex Lenkei hypnotized himself, putting himself in a deep trance and then proceeded to have surgery performed without anesthetic in an 83 minute procedure. fascinating! (HT- Dr. Deb)

Again at Mind Hacks (What can I say, it’s a great blog), Vaughan reports on a study that showed the more we pay for advice, the more likely we are to follow it. Just what the insurance company needs to raise your premiums so people will actually take their doctor’s advice.

Regarding the Soul-

Aquinas at Summa Theologica has a wonderful post comparing and contrasting post on the Apologist as Warrior vs. the Apologist as Healer, giving an idea in what is possible when we merely answer rather than defend or attack.

At Navel Gazing at its Finest, Sue has a simple, yet profound story about how, without even realizing it, we wall ourselves off from other people. She gives a glimpse into the power of community, humanity, and Zion. Okay, so those are my words, I’m just filling in the gaps of a simple but wonderful story about how their just may be some wisdom in loving our neighbor.

At SOF observed, Rob McGinley Myers has his memory jogged by the Earthquake in China and Cyclone in Myanmar and digs out a profound insight about the wonder and terror of Nature and the interconnectedness of creation.

Regarding the Body-

At Neurophilosophy, Mo has a fascinating report on new evidence that the hole Inca’s were drilling in heads were not about superstition but were actually Prehistoric Neurosurgery.

Dr. Trofatter at Fruit of the Womb tackles the fascinating world of fetal development, explaining why amniotic fluid is vital for fetal survival once out in the real world.

Vitum Medicinus kindly pointed me to this one, one of the favorites from my youth, Brain of Pinky and the Brain takes us on of whirlwind tour of…. the Brain.

or All the Above-

At Frontal Cortex, Jonah reflects on an NY times article that describes how Neuroscience is starting to look and the squishy and intuitive, and delve into the real mysteries of life and the Universe, losing its isolated cold focus on the Brain, in essence becoming “Neural Buddhists.”

At A Jolly Company, Nathan adds his own witness to my report on Doctors and dark humor, ascribing it to the uncomfortable brush we have with our own mortality through the lives of our patients (and alas, more eloquently than I.)

At Rickety contrivances of doing good, Susan Palwick tells the story about how she managed to cut through a wall of anger, frustration, and wrath when at her wits end, she simply extended common courtesy.

Shahrazad shares some background and a poem by the Islamic Jurist, Theologian, and Poet of Poets, Mulana Rumi. His works have a sense of wonder, exhuberance, and mystery that transcend language and culture and ascends to the truly divine.

and just because I Liked it-

JAMA has a study that looks at the economic impact new pay for performance measures are likely to have on Hospitals that care for the poor, and the picture is not pretty. It seems using the almighty market to improve health care simply widens the gap between the haves and the have-nots.

On a much lighter medical note, Not Totally Rad shares the wonders of medical images, the I-Pod, and some slick trickery, in placating endless requests for free medical advice at parties.

Against my better judgement, politics keeps creeping onto my Points of Interest, I could not stop myself when I saw Graham from Over My Med Body polishing up his interviewing skills reviewing foreign policy with a magnificent guest.

And finally, Brain Blogging, edition 33 is here, featuring many great articles including one of my own. Sure, this is blatant self promotion, but it’s also one blog carnival full of great insights into the Mind, Body, and Soul. That’s it for now, enjoy.