So I started last week with the resolve that I will not post any further Points of Interest until it naturally fills itself with all categories. I refuse to dig for the treasure I share, but will give freely of my abundance. This will assure that reports of my romp through cyberspace will remain a labor of love and not simply labor. The odd thing is, this post wrote itself, and a day early. Sticking to my guidelines, here is the no longer weekly, but however long it takes to have the goods to share version of my points of interest, coming in just six days.

Regarding the Mind-

Dave Munger at Cognitive Daily has an interesting post about how the morality of an act actually colors our memory of it, changing all the related “facts” we witnessed.

The New York Times takes a deeper look at lying, deception and exaggeration and reports that while they may look the same, the underlying motivation and thought processes are completely different.

Reasearch digest has an intriguing report on musical hallucinations, which coincides with a excellent RadioLab podcast I just finished where the Hallucinaters give their fascinating accounts firsthand.

Regarding the Soul-

At Mind Hacks, a wonderful poem by English poet, Roger McGough that takes a witty look into what may drive the apocalyptic mindset. For a worrier like myself, it tells me I’m better off in the present than the future.

At Mormon Matters, Bruce Nielsen tells how a Jewish Rabbi taught him the real meaning of Monotheism and why it’s important. It isn’t about being right and everyone else wrong, but the actual existence of an unambiguous right and wrong. This really shrinks the Christian and Mormon arguments over monopolyhenomorphotheism into the tinkling cymbals and sounding brass that they are. Thanks, Bruce.

At Life on Gold Plates, the teachings of Brigham Young are examined on what it means to teach by the spirit, an excellent read on the power of personal narrative and experience beyond what the written word alone could ever hope to attain.

Regarding the Body-

At the Covert Rationing blog, there is an excellent post on the takeover and subversion of information developed just to help a physician out. He asks, “Is guideline tyranny causing guideline anarchy?”

At Bioethics blog, Greg Dahlman reflects upon how epidemiology and modern conceptions of health and wellness have really turned the whole concept of disease on its head.

Apollo MD asks why it is that medical students are required to learn about rare diseases and then comes up with an excellent answer, as he learns every disease has a face to go with it.

Or All of the Above-

At the Psychiatric Times, Dr. Rene Muller gives some background explores the difficulties of the very provokative question, “Are we hardwired for God.” One question I would add to his reasoned exploration, does this sense exist because there is in fact, something to sense? Points to ponder.

At Feminist Mormon Housewives, there is an inspirational post for anyone who has ever suffered, feared, or felt downtrodden by Mother’s Day, as “Spunky” posts her tale of how she came to make peace with years of anger, hostility and inadequacy.

At By Common Consent, J. Nelson Seawright tells the story of the birth of their first child in circumstances so frightening, so amazing, so harrowing, and so heart wrenching, that against his own will he is left questioning if God really does intervene into our lives. It is nothing short of miraculous the change we undergo after experiencing the power of bringing a life into the world.

and just because I LIked it-

They say inflation is when money is no longer worth the paper it is printed on. This may be true, but inflation is alive here in the US, what happens when Coins are no longer worth the metal their minted from.

Dr. Wes has an excellent and astute report about how it isn’t just primary care doctors in short supply, its nonprocedural subspecialists (like me). He does a great job describing how everyone, proceduralists included, loses in medicine when all the money goes to doing, rather than taking time, planning and thinking.

There has been much adieu made in Mormon Circles of late about a Daguerrotype that is believed by some to be the only existing Photo of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Here is a video that examines the evidence unflinchingly and comes to a startling conclusion (not for the humor impaired).

Happy Mothers day to all my readers, particularly the better looking half. We will see how long the easy flow to internet food for the mind, soul and body continues.