Fans of the brain should enjoy the 44th edition of Encephalon, published this week at Cognitive daily, where they take a tongue-in-cheek look at determinism, which has been in the neuro news lately. Go see it if you have so been preconditioned, not that there is a decision to be made, wink, wink.

Fans of the soul will be happy to learn the 31st edition BrainBlogging carnival went up last weekend at Brainblogger, investigating the more human and multidimensional side of the mind.

Fans of the body will be excited to learn that the latest edition of Grand Rounds is up at DocGurley, with all kinds of great medicine posts and a WWF smackdown theme.

In the interest of blatant self promotion, I will announce that one of these carnivals features an article by yours truly this time round. In the interest of humility, I’ll not divulge which one it is, happy hunting.