Welcome one and all readers of my blog. I am having a bit of writing block right now, but hey, it seems failures are as important as successes. In my surfing, here are some of the many successes I have come across.

Regarding the mind-

Dr. Barry Lerner of Columbia School of Medicine has an excellent article in the New York Times describing the difference between how doctors and patients think, the limits of certainty in medicine, and the conditions where it leads to endless frustration.

In the Financial Times, a report about the Positive Mental Attitude League, a football program for people recently discharged from mental hospitals. Organized by Janette Hines, it was started because there was really no organization to help people cope once they rejoin society. In her words, “Mental health publicity is mainly people just out of hospital stabbing someone.” Here’s to some positive mental health publicity.

At Brainblogger, an intriguing story about how art, creativity and exploration enhance our ability to learn. I appears that art really can make us smart.

Regarding the Soul-

In a great Two-fer, BfWebster discusses an excellent article in the Deseret News by Orson Scott Card on Deep religion, or our foundational, often unrecognized assumptions about what we believe and relation to deep logic.

NPR has a story about a victim who truly learned to love his enemies and the power this concept has to change others in a piece entitled, a Victim Treats his Mugger Right.

Strong Reasons reports a sad tale of faith gone awry followed with a quote from Brigham Young, happily justifying my trade, something I really needed today. Many thanks.

Regarding the Body-

Megan McArdle writes a wonderful article reminding why we have vaccines, and why we fear the shots, summing up with this astute observation, “The vaccines scare us because the diseases don’t. And they don’t because of the vaccines.”

At SharpBrains, author John Medina gives a few examples of the worlds most eloquent and magnificent organ, the Human Brain, with hints to keep it healthy and improve its function.

In bizarre and novel treatments for old ailment news, Neurocritic reports on evidence that we may be able to treat seizures with “shoe smell.”

Or All the Above-

At Newsweek’s Lab Notes, Sharon Bagley presents the Lotus and the Synapse, discussing a new study that shows how meditation about compassion actually changes brain function. The amazing brain, organ of change, Mind sculpting body, spirituality leading to physical health and change, I love it.

A child psychiatrist, Dr. Taylor discusses a quiz he developed to help kids communicate what they need to help them cope. Wonderful idea!

-L- at Northern Lights, a physician and Mormon, tells a powerful story about denial and the damage it can cause, encouraging us all to reject the fear of help when we need it.

and Just Because I Liked it-

At White Coat Rants, an essay that very, very clearly enunciates why a business model and economic competition simply won’t work in medicine, ending with this warning- When everything is an emergency, nothing is an emergency.

At Over My Med Body, Graham wraps up his Medical Care is Broke series, which has been superlative for anyone wishing to understand what the issues are in US healthcare. In the piece d’resitance, he concludes with an argument I will always strongly concur with, we need a single payer system.

And just to lighten things up, here is a hysterical satirical graphing sight, with my personal favorite-

Enjoy, come again for a round up next week.