Well, another week come and gone with plenty of gems amongst the chaff if you will excuse the mixed metaphor. Here are my favorite stops surfing this week.

Regarding the mind-

A guest poster at Sharp Minds describes groundbreaking research at Berkeley about how our parents shape our emotional and perceptual neuronal connections, and some tips for breaking free from our self destructive thoughts.

For all the anxiety ridden worriers (me) among my readers, Reverse Thinking has an excellent and instructive piece on stopping automatic thoughts with positive visualization.

In one of mind sciences interminable puzzles, Isabeeli Mori ponders the mysterious process of creativity. This is one that ought to keep the reductionists awake at night throughout time and eternity.

Regarding the Soul-

Pistol Pete has an (pretend) interview with Clive Staples Lewis, devoted Christian, converted atheist, and independent thinker. I am sure many of us LDS will recognize some of his responses.

Here is some equal time for the godless, White Coat Underground gives a very reasoned, balanced criticism to those who want to push intelligent design theory into school, they lack faith. I think he has a point.

Green Mormon Architect has a brilliant post about using restoration of the environment as a metaphor for restoration of the gospel.

Regarding the Body-

Christina Laun at a site called bootstrapper has a wonderful post collecting 100 weird facts about the Human Body. This is why I have dedicated my life to its study, supercool.

For a hundred years, lifespan in the developed world has been ever lengthening. It appears the obesity epidemic is about to reverse the trend.

Wired magazine describes what happens when you are a neuroanatomical expert who experiences a stroke. You take field notes and think about how cool this is, of course. Proof we neuroscientists are a little off.

At Wachter’s world, the good Doctor reminds us that for every high there is a low, the hidden consequences of paying attention to only one “magic number” in the world of medicine, lab values and disease management.

Or All of the Above-

A fascinating art collection expressing the experience that is Migraine headache.

Speaking of Art, here is an inspiring story from the Millennial Star of what may become when we consecrate our time and talents to God in a singleminded act of devotion.

It turns out I now have scientific evidence on how sick our medical training system is, adept at killing empathy and poisoning the doctor patient relationship in its infancy.

Here is an excellent, thoughtful Australian news article about the importance of collaborating with the people most affected when developing medical technology. Lets hear it, “Nothing about us, without us.”

And just because I liked it-

My favorite new blog this week is Erin’s LDS Women’s History blog. She is who I want writing my biography when I die. Each post thusfar has been a fascinating snapshot into the lives a different LDS women, a group that we don’t appreciate enough.

For anyone who has ever wanted to play closet psychiatrist, or to heal the poor and abused toys of the world, here is the game for you.

If you are more the action type here is a sweet surgery game. Gotta love the premise. Pizza boy hits homeless man, Pizza boy helps homeless man, homeless man is doctor, walks him through surgery with a stapler and lighter. Brilliant!

Note- My blog of the week is a Women’s history blog, while I am not a woman, they are my favorite gender. I don’t really consider myself a feminist, but I am a humanist, and this blog scores big points in that area, very well done stories and insights into the lives of unsung heroes. In short, Its good stuff. Have a great week.