My, my my what a week. My reader is getting bloated, I need to figure out a way to decompress. The internet is just too darn big. I think I need to take up meditation and perhaps do an every other weekly summary, except there is an entire load of good stuff to summarize. Perhaps waiting would only make it worse. Without further ado, especially for you, the reader-

Regarding the mind-

Neurophilosophy reports about the first two known cases of hyperthymia, a strange new, remarkable condition where every detail of every day is hardwired into your brain, simply fascinating.

Jonah Lehrer moves from blog and magazine to the Boston Globe with an eye opening look at how expectations fundamentally alter our perception.

Dr. Pascale Michelon at Sharp brains has a great primer on brain plasticity, for anyone with even a passing interest in the brain.

Mind Hacks has a fascinating post about Trauma and Disassociation, and the insights it can give into conversion disorder and hypnosis.

Regarding the soul-

Grace for Grace has an excellent, reflective post on becoming as a child in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven

Burning in the bosom shares a profound insight about our ancestor’s and the next world all as the result of a child’s prayer.

Pistol Pete, a devout Christian blogger, who happens to have bipolar disorder, writes a very nice piece on piety and pettiness.

Eve, at Zelophehad’s Daughters, bares her soul in a heart wrenching testimony about knowledge, doubt, and mercy.

Regarding the body-

Amy at Diabetes Mine present 10 things little known facts about your immune system.

John Hawkes reports a fascinating discovery about how each of us really is unique, the differences in the DNA of identical twins.

The BBC details the Wii going to Wiihab. who knew video games could be healing?

Or All the above-

Mormon Soprano, a blogging member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir explains the Mormon ritual of sealing and marriage for time and eternity in Temple.

At Vitum Medicinus, a Medical Student gives a moving memorial in remembrance of those who gave the gift of their body, that we as student physicians might learn, embodies my feelings greatly.

Just because I liked it-

Scientists have unlocked the mystery behind a remarkable discovery from the Roman Empire. Could it be there were computers before Christ?

MIT reports a very cool technique for producing new antibiotics by harnessing their ability to develop new genes and resistance by pitting them against eachother.

Here is a wicked freaky cool new technology, the digital tattoo, running on the very juice that flows through your veins. So are Mormons still discouraged from getting this one? Perhaps it’s okay if you are diabetic, I’ll have to ask the Bishop.