It is time time again for my weekly roundup of stuff I wish I wrote, found wandering the ethernet. I have discovered the wonder that is google reader. Now every time I run into a great post, mind, body, or soul, you can can view it on my sidebar (nuggets from all over) should you should you feel inclined. It even has its own RSS feed if you want to go nuts in the Doc’s stuff he wish he wrote fanclub, or if spirituality, or neuroscience, or medicine happen to be your thing too. Knock yourself out. I will continue to recognize and summarize my absolute favorites each week for your viewing/reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Regarding the Mind-

The excellent Australian podcast, All in the mind now has a blog, in which they provide an excellent critique of popular neuropunditry noting that “you are not your brain scan

On Eide neurolearning blog, they take a look at the relationship between music and attention. My music teacher always told be musicians got the best grades. Here is an intriguing possible explanation as to why. Perhaps music lessons are in order for my ADHD patients.

Regarding the Soul-

At Burning Bosom, a touching, thoughtful post about the two faces of a mission served in Guatemala.

Orson Scott Card tells a powerful parable about appearances, Christ, and forgiveness in a column for the Deseret News.

One of my favorite all time bloggers, Aquinas, the ecumenical guru, has a terrific post on Exploiting The Gospel; The Problem of identity politics.

Regarding the Body-

Early research is offering a hope for future treatment strategy for spinal cord injury allowing it to regenerate. It will be exciting to see if this goes anywhere the next couple of years.

Jonah Lehrer at Frontal Cortex ponders Body Dysmorphic Disorder as well as anorexia, could a sensory deficit be at the root?

Or all the Above-

From Brainblogger, in part 2 of series, a poignant piece on Brain damage, the last refuge of bigotry.

MindBodyDoc has some wonderful insight the dangerous and exhilarating game that is falling in love.

Just because I liked it-

Martial Development has a hilarious, skeptical look at the existence of Pennsylvania. Excellent for scientists who are starting to take themselves a little too seriously.

It turns out that with their stubborn insistence that Sex should be reserved for after marriage, BYU students have become a last bastion of dating culture in the United States.

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