It has been an exciting week wandering the web. I am especially proud to announce that yours truly has been recognized by the Brain blogging carnival for my series on depression. Check it out, for a lot of great articles covering the biological, social, and psychological perspectives of the mind. But enough tooting my own horn, check out these picks from the week’s wanderings of the ether.

Regarding the mind-

Brainblogger has a fascinating insight on the how and why of electroconvulsive therapy. It seems it stimulates growth in the brain allowing us to rewire in a more healthy pattern.

Sharp minds reports some very interesting research looking at the impulse to develop knowledge and think for yourself in children with ideas on how to better harness it in education.

Regarding the soul-

Tracy M, my favorite By Common Consent permablogger, asks us “do you all realize how amazing this church really is

Sam Oliver has some interesting observations on how we grieve, He also has a great essay of the power of prayer to heal.

At the website of unknowing, Carl McColman has a fantastic piece on fear, its relationship to hate, and overcoming it with our faith in Jesus Christ.

The Juvenile instructor has a illuminating post and discussion centered around a message from an Apostle over 100 years ago titled Becoming Saints before Gods.

Bruce Young, a BYU professor of some note gives some great thoughts on what makes one a Christian.

Regarding the body-

Adventures in Ethics and Science asks a surprisingly perplexing question, What is a disease?

There is a report of a truly freakish accident in which the patient asks, “Could you get this knife out of my head?

At parenting solved, especially for the ladies at FMH, we have a pediatrician warning about the dangers of stoolgazing.

Or All the above-

The New York times has a fascinating piece on discovering when exactly it is that a fetus can feel pain.

In Sickness and in Health has a very fascinating story about what happens to relationships when both partners are sick. A great look at what it means to be sick and to be a caregiver and at being both.

Just because I liked it-

You could be the proud owner of your very own plush stuffed neuron, Get them while they’re hot.

While we are into tacky neuroscience paraphernalia, check out the brain fashion headwear from Mind hacks.

On a more serious note, Apollo, MD reflects on a what seems to be a growing problem, the loss of ethical judgement in science and medicine.